Basketball betting strategies

Basketball betting strategies and secrets

Basketball is considered to be one of the most unpredictable sports, such as hockey. Both of these sports are most popular in the US and Canada. In these countries they know how to make a real colorful spectacle out of sports.

Basketball rules important for successful betting

There are two versions of basketball rules: FIBA ​​and NBA. Basic general rules:

  • Games are played by two teams. Five people on the floor at the base, plus substitutions. The number of substitutions during the match is not limited;
  • The match consists of four quarters and overtime (overtimes) if a draw is recorded at the end of regular time;
  • Teams score points in different ways: three points for shooting from long range, two for hitting from the two-point zone, and one for accuracy on a free throw.

A significant difference between the rules in time – in the NBA they play quarters of 12 minutes, and according to the rules of FIBA ​​- 10. In America, the three-point arc is located further than in Europe. In the NBA, free throws are taken after any defensive violation when the team has scored 6 fouls, and according to FIBA ​​rules – 5.

Important factors for analysis

  1. Place in the standings. It is determined on the basis of the ratio of the number of victories to defeats. The higher the team, the stronger.
  2. Results of personal confrontations. If you look at the latest meetings between the teams and compare the results, you can understand what the teams are approximately capable of in a head-to-head battle.
  3. Results of the last 5-10 matches with other teams. Gives an understanding of the form of commands.
  4. Percentage of wins/losses on home/away court.It is used to analyze the chances of teams in the conditions of the game at home or away.

How to choose a strategy?

There are two effective betting strategies in basketball. At the first time, the player bets on the result of the quarter: total points or the victory of one of the teams, and in case of defeat, he increases the amount and makes a new bet. With the second strategy, the player uses the bookmakers” mistakes and makes two bets that can play at the same time. We explain the nuances of these strategies.

Basketball betting strategy in live quarters through catch-up

A strategy in which a player in live bets on the result of the first quarter: total points, even or odd total, victory of one of the teams. When losing, the player increases the amount and bets on the same event in the second quarter – until the bet passes or the match ends.

The essence of the basketball betting strategy in quarters is to increase the size of the bet when you lose. When winning, the player compensates for the money lost at the previous stages and will remain in the black.

What to bet on

Total points. Pick a couple of teams and see how many points they have scored in quarters of the last 7-10 matches. Compare this figure with the total offered by the bookmaker. If both teams ended most of the quarters with a smaller total, bet on the total less, if with a larger one, bet on the total more.

Even/odd total. This is a lottery – the probability of an even or odd total is 50%. However, the probability that there will be an odd or even total in all quarters is only 6%. Therefore, choose any outcome and stick to it from the first to the last quarter.

Outsider win. Favorites often relax as the game progresses.They can lead by 20 points after two quarters and underscore in the third quarter and still win the game. Therefore, in games with a clear favorite, bet on an outsider to win in a quarter. Be prepared for the fact that the first two bets will probably not go through. But closer to the fourth quarter, the chances will increase much.

Corridor strategy

A corridor is a situation where different bookmakers give similar odds for opposite match events. These events must intersect – for example, the total is over 210 and the total is under 220. If the total in the match is from 211 to 219 points, then both bets will pass. This gap is called a corridor. If the result does not fall into the corridor, then only one bet will go in, which will compensate for the loss on another bet.

Which basketball betting strategy to choose

The most profitable basketball betting strategy is an underdog win in a quarter through catch-up. This quote has a high odds and a chance of passing – the favorites rarely play equally well throughout the match.

The most reliable basketball betting strategies are odd/even total points. The probability of losing four bets at once on an even or odd score is 6%. It turns out that out of 100 cycles of this strategy, only 6 will be losing.

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