NHL Betting Strategies

NHL betting strategies

The NHL is the national hockey league, the most popular and prestigious hockey tournament. The NHL betting strategy is different in that fights take place almost daily.

The second significant advantage is the equal selection of league participants, so the odds are always high. The difference between favorites and underdogs is not significant. Underdog odds rarely exceed 5.0 in regular time. In the NHL, even the last team can beat the leader.

NHL live betting strategies

Features of hockey confrontations allow you to apply many strategies for live betting on NHL matches. Here are some popular schemes:

Catching up on a draw in the period. Odds of 2.60–3.70 are given for a draw in the next twenty minutes. This allows you to act not on a doubling Martingale, but on a soft catch-up. Use the formula for calculating the amount of the next bet: (P + L) / (K – 1), where P is the expected profit on the catch-up, L is the loss in the previous stages, K is the coefficient on the bet. Catching up is safe enough, because it can be extended to the next match. The main thing is that the series of failures does not drag on for 7-9 consecutive bets.

On the losing favorite. If a noteworthy outsider managed to open an account, this is a great opportunity to bet on the victory of the favorite in the match as a whole. The closer the end of the meeting, the more quotes grow. But it’s not worth taking much risk – you don’t need to make such a bet 7-10 minutes before the siren. Choose matches for this strategy with motivated favorites playing at home.

Total over in the third period. Here, bets are placed at the end of the match – in the last 7-10 minutes. Games with high competition are suitable, as well as matches where the favorite does not win. According to statistics, more goals are scored in the final ten minutes than in other segments of the match. And if a stronger team still does not win, then it is worth waiting for the final assault, which often involves replacing the goalkeeper with a sixth outfield player.

NHL betting features

The National Hockey League is considered the strongest in the world. Millions of fans follow the course of the tournaments. All events are offered a wide list with very good quotes. However, in order to increase the likelihood of betting, you need to take into account some features of the competition within the NHL:

The schedule in the NHL is quite tight, in the regular season the fights take place daily, which allows you to engage in betting actively and without interruptions.

In the regular season and playoffs, the situation can change so quickly that there may not be enough time for a thorough analysis of the teams. There are only two ways out here – either focus on other people”s forecasts, or constantly monitor the players and their past merits.

Hockey is hard work in every way, so with a busy schedule and constant flights, athletes can get very tired, which will definitely affect their game. Therefore, favorites periodically make fatal mistakes.

If the team has played several meetings away, then due to the same fatigue, it can easily lose on the home court, especially if there is no decent motivation. Despite the relatively equal preparation, the clubs in America and Canada sometimes present incredible surprises. Here, even reinforced concrete “certainties” sometimes fly off.

Hockey betting tips

To successfully bet on hockey, you need to learn the rules, watch matches and know the features of the championship. I advise you to allocate a bank for bets and strictly follow the principles of bankroll management. If you deviate from your chosen hockey betting strategies and cannot control your emotions, then this will lead you to lose the pot.

For successful hockey betting, you need to consider:

  • Team standings;
  • Team composition (injured or sick players);
  • Game schedule;
  • Recent team matches;
  • Betting trends;
  • Head-to-head statistics.

Any of these factors can play a decisive role. If you want to gradually build up the bank, then get ready to analyze a lot and draw the right conclusions.

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