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How to bet on football?

Football is the most popular sport among fans and bettors. Most betting enthusiasts start with this sport. We will tell you everything you need to know to make a successful football bet.

Football betting – features

When choosing bets on football, you need to consider a number of general rules for all sports. The first and most important rule: betting is a hobby, not a way to earn money. Therefore, it is not worth spending more money on gambling at bookmakers than you can afford for entertainment.

For the correct choice of football sports betting, the following recommendations should be considered:

  • bet only on those sports and tournaments that you follow and understand;
  • do not bet at random, analyze the event, study information about the match;
  • control the bank and rationally determine the amount of the bet.

The most common types of football bets

Bookmakers offer a huge number of football betting options. Each bettor must choose for himself which bets he prefers. Someone likes to predict the effectiveness of fights, while someone is passionate about statistics and bets on fouls, corners, offsides, etc.

Winner Betting

Another name for the market is exodus. You bet on the victory of the first team, a draw or the victory of the second opponent.


Another name for this betting market is handicap. This is an advantage in a certain number of goals, which is given to the team before the start of the match. Handicap can be negative (for the favorite) and positive (for the underdog). With the help of a handicap, the bookmaker, as it were, equalizes the chances of opponents (this is especially true for unequal matches).

Total Over/Under

Match Total is a bet on the total number of goals that will be scored in a match.


Accumulators in betting are bets on several outcomes at once (another name is an express bet). Such bets are extremely popular among betting beginners, because in the multiple bet the odds of all selected events are multiplied. Consequently, the bettor gets the opportunity to hit the big jackpot even with a small bet amount.

What is the disadvantage of batteries? To pass this bet in the accumulator, absolutely all events must match. Even if one option loses, you will lose the entire bet. Professional bettors do not recommend placing accumulators or including a maximum of 2 events in them.

Time / Match

Another option for a combined bet in football. The bettor bets on two possible outcomes at the same time – the result of the first half of the meeting and the game as a whole. To win the bet, both outcomes must be guessed.

Conclusion: is it profitable to bet on football

For a successful sports bet, it is important to follow the advice of experts, independently analyze the odds of different bookmakers and highlight the key moments of the event. You can not be limited to only one forecast and follow it. The ability to make bets on your own is also taken into account. If you know the rules of football, the line-ups, their motivation, if you know how to analyze a particular match, the chances of winning increase significantly.

For your own predictions, be sure to take into account all pre-match changes that may affect the outcome of the competition. If you decide to bet in live, read the rules, team statistics.In parallel with watching the match, be guided by the latest values ​​of the coefficients and changes in the likely outcomes.

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